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Red Oolong

Tea Variety: Oolong Tea

Origin: Luyeh, Taitung, Taiwan

Oxidization Level:  * * * * *

Aroma: Ripened fruit with mellow caramel sweetness

Taste: Refreshing with a hint of honey aroma



Red Oolong Tea is a specialty of Taitung, which was developed by Taitung TRES (Taiwan Tea Research and Extension) in 2007.


This oolong tea combined both oolong and black tea making technique. It adapted the oxidation process of black tea and the making procedure of traditional oolong tea. The innovative combination created a unique taste of its own.


The oxidation level of the Red Oolong Tea is of the highest among all oolong teas. The moderately roasted oolong has ripened fruit taste with a hint of honey aroma.



Good To Know…

Red Oolong Tea is suitable for both hot and cold brew method.

Cold brewing brings out hidden aroma which differs from hot brew, it is also very refreshing, especially in hot summertime.