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Jinxuan Oolong

Tea Variety: Oolong Tea

Origin: Zhushan, Nantou, Taiwan

Oxidization Level:  * *

Aroma: Light flowery scent with a subtle milky aroma

Taste: Silky, smooth with clean aftertaste



Jinxuan Oolong Tea, also known by many as “The Milky Oolong”, is made with Taiwanese native tea specie No. 12 (Jinxuan cultivar). Which carries a nature milky aroma and is one of the most popular tea kinds in Taiwan.


The Jinxuan cultivar has a wide adaptation, it could be made into green tea, oolong tea and even the fully oxidized black tea. Oolong tea made of the Jinxuan cultivar brings out a smooth, milky texture, leaving a clean floral aftertaste.


Due to its floral and milky scent, this oolong is especially popular among women tea drinkers.


Good to know…

The Jinxuan cultivar was bred by Dr. Wu Zhenduo, who was also known as the father of Taiwan tea. The cultivar was named after his grandmother “Jin Xuan”.