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About Cha Voyage

When growing up in Taiwan, an afternoon stroll with grandmother would be greeted by neighbours with “Lim Teh”, meaning “come drink some tea”.  

As we were old enough to travel around the world, when feeling nostalgic, we yearn for the taste of home to soothe homesickness.

As grown-ups, we finally understand, it is the warm hospitality and the friendly folks that were being missed.

With a cup of Taiwanese tea, we would like to share the best of our home with friends around the world.  

We would like to use a cup of tea to allow our friends to experience a round-island tour with taste buds, at the same time allowing the cup of Taiwan to travel and share with you our unique tea culture.


And now, let us sip back and enjoy the fineness of Taiwan.



Finest Quality


²Cha Voyage provides only 100% Taiwanese whole-leaf tea, sourced directly from local premier tea farms.

²No artificial flavorings in Cha Voyage teas. The floral, fruity flavors of each tea come from the natural taste of the cultivars.

²Eco-friendly packaging, all Cha Voyage tea bags are made from bio-degradable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) material.

²Cha Voyage uses pyramid tea bags, allowing full loose leaf flavor experience.

²To ensure safety for tea drinking, all Cha Voyage teas were tested for and passed the pesticide residues inspection.