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Cha Voyage Cold Brew Tea Set

Sip back and enjoy a cup of cold brew tea with Cha Voyage throughout this hot summer! 

We have selected the finest tea in Taiwan, to go with TOAST Living designed glass bottle.  Allows you to enjoy a bottle of refreshing cold brewed tea with easy steps.

Pouring water in the bottle and place a Cha Voyage tea bag in, then store the bottle in refrigerator overnight to enjoy a refreshing and mellow taste of cold brew tea.


2022 Summer special deals
【Loose Tea Bag Set Promotion】Purchase any Loose Tea Bag Cold Brew Set to enjoy 5% Discount.
【Add on Offer】Purchase any Cold Brew Tea Tasting Set, Voyage Set or Own Choice Set, Add $199 to receive a Cha Voyage Tea 2 Go Pack wroth of value $250.


Healthy X Attitude

In our everyday routine, we unconsciously consume excessive sugar or unknown chemical essence from drinks which may cause burden for our health.

Cha Voyage  selected 5 premium teas, including: Pou Chong Tea, Oriental Beauty Oolong, Dong Ding Oolong, Ruby Black Tea and Honey Scented Black Tea. Providing only 100% Taiwanese whole-leaf tea, sourced directly from local premier tea farms with no artificial flavorings. 

Life X Attitude

Prepare a bottle of cold brew tea is much easier than you might imagine. Unlike brewing a pot of hot tea, there is no need to worry about the steep time and the temperature of the water, which both effect on the bitterness of the tea.

All you have to do is place a tea bag in the bottle, fill up with cold water, and place it in the fridge before going to bed. As you wake up the next day, you will be able to enjoy a perfect bottle of refreshed, nature sweetness iced brewed tea. 

Eco friendly X Attitude

Despite the fact that governments around the world have implemented rules and regulations on the use of disposable plastic bags, cutleries and straws, the global issue has not yet been effectively solved and dealt with.

Striving for a responsible, environmentally friendly way of drinking tea, all Cha Voyage tea bags are made from non-plastic, biodegradable PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) material.

Furthermore, to encourage with brewing tea in reusable bottle, we are introducing the TOAST Living bottle. The glass-made bottle is more environmentally friendly than plastics, its unique design also allows ease of use.