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Pou Chong Tea

Tea Variety:  Oolong Tea

Origin:  Pinglin, Taipei, Taiwan

Oxidization Level:  *

Aroma:  A note of white floral with refreshing fragrance

Taste:  Smooth, thirst quenching with a mellow taste



As the lowest oxidized tea in the Oolong variety, Pou Chong Tea’s light grassy aroma makes it almost like green tea, representing the fresh and delicate taste of nature.


During the tea making process, no artificial flavorings or additives were added. The strong yet refreshing floral scent of the tea was produced with unique tea making skills by the Taiwanese tea masters.


When tasting Pou Chong Tea, take time to sip and enjoy the natural flavor, and feel the delicate floral fragrance with white peach aroma after taste. Creating an unforgettable palate voyage, leaving both mind and body refreshed.


Good to know…

Back in the old days, Pou Chong Tea was mainly produced in the Wenshan region of Taipei. It is therefore common to hear the name “Wenshan Pou Chong Tea”.

Hundreds of years ago, teas were sold in wrapped small square papers, printed with the name of the tea and the company name. Thus came the name “Pou Chong”, meaning “wrapped within”.

In Mandarin, Pou Chong sounds the same as a blessing word used to wish those good luck for examination or job interviews. The tea therefore serves as a perfect gift to wish one luck.