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Oriental Beauty Oolong 

Tea Variety:  Oolong Tea

Origin:  Toufen, Miaoli, Taiwan

Oxidization Level:  * * * *

Aroma:  Light floral scent with fruity fragrance

Taste:  Mild sweet honey aroma with a smooth layering after taste



According to legend, when Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was served with this tea, while watching the colorful leaves dancing in the crystal cup, her majesty praised it as the dancing “oriental beauty”. Thus came the name Oriental Beauty Oolong.


Tea leaves bitten by tea leafhoppers creates a natural honey aroma, and are the most important ingredient for the making of Oriental Beauty Oolong. Only the finest leaf tips with severe bites will be carefully selected and handpicked. In addition, the processing of this tea adds an extra step to the usual Oolong tea making method - the “heat steam” step, which further intensifies the fragrance scent of the tea.


Good To Know…

The little helper tea leafhoppers could only be found in natural and clean tea gardens. Not only has it to be pesticide and herbicide free, when plucking the tea leaves, products with chemistry contents such as insect repellent and sunscreen lotions must not be used. The bugs cannot be artificially bred, other factors such as climate change also impact on the growing of tea leafhoppers, all of which affect the quantity of the leaves produced.