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Honey Scented Black Tea

Tea Variety:  Black Tea

Origin:  Shanlinxi, Nantou, Taiwan

Oxidization Level:  * * * * *

Aroma:  Natural hint of honey with a tropical fruit scent

Taste:  Elegant and smooth with sweet mellow aftertaste



Honey scented teas are becoming popular recently in Taiwan.


The secret of this unique flavor of the Honey Scented Black Tea lies in two main factors: the use of tea leaves which have been bitten by the tea leafhoppers, and the use of techniques of black tea processing method.


It has been proved that the bite of tea leafhoppers  intensifies the sweetness of tea leaves. Teas which are produced with bitten leaves creates a natural sweet honey flavor. Furthermore, in comparison to large leaf cultivar, teas produced with small leaf cultivar lowers the bitterness and brings out a lighter, sweeter flavor. 


Good to know…

Small leaf cultivar grows from shrub trees. Due to its delicate, lighter flavor, it is normally used for making non-oxidized green tea and partly oxidized Oolong tea. In Taiwan, the use of small leaf cultivar to make black tea is becoming a popular trend.